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Supplying high quality gourmet cookware and kitchen accessories right across Australia.

Gourmet Cookware and Kitchen Accessories AustraliaGourmet Lifestyle is an Australian Owned Company operating out of Brisbane, Queensland which has been selling and demonstrating quality cookware and kitchen accessories to Australians since 1981 and New Zealand since 1990.

We have always believed that quality products are a necessity in every kitchen and our cookware shows that cooking can be both easy and fun.

Our range covers non stick as well as stainless steel cookware, kitchen knives, utensils and other kitchen accessories, cookbooks and special herbs, spices and flour. Our range is regularly expanding and a current Catalogue and Pricelist is available on this website to the right.

Most of our cookware is Australian made but some, like our Swiss Diamond range of saucepans and skillet fry pans, are manufactured in Switzerland. Some of our most famous Australian products designed by Gourmet Lifestyle include our Crepe Maker and our poplar egg pan, the Egg Master.
Gourmet Cookware and Kitchen Accessories

Gourmet Cookware and Kitchen AccessoriesHere on our website you can shop from home, apply to host your own Product Presentation or Cookware Party where a Demonstrator is available, or collect orders for your own Catalogue Party. Your products can be paid by Credit Card or Cheque and delivered straight to your door.
Discover our fantastic cookware and kitchen products which make
cooking and entertaining an effortless part of your lifestyle!

Egg Master & Lifter:

24cm & 28cm Swiss Diamond Skillet & Lids: $400 - Set 4 Kitchen Knives FREE ($79 value)

24cm & 28cm Swiss Diamond
Skillet & Lids: $400

16cm & 20cm Swiss Diamond Saucepan & Lids:
$360 - Set of 7 Utensils FREE ($45 value)

16cm & 20cm Swiss Diamond
Saucepan & Lids: $360

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